Friday, March 19, 2010

My personal pregnancy test....

Sooooo.....A few days ago I was cuddling up with Rihem and telling her she is my baby (which she replies to: "AMANI BABY!!!" --the neighbor girl) anyway I was like, "but YOUR the baby of our family." I asked her if she would like it if mamma had another baby and she was all shaking her head yes and loving the idea of having a baby. I said that I want to wait a little while though but maybe after Rania is in school. Then Rania comes in saying, "noooo, I want that you have a baby now, when I am in school I cant play with it anyway". I told her even if I had a baby in my belly it wouldnt be here until she was in school anyway because it takes about 9 months for the baby to grow and then she would already be in school....and as far as I knew I dont have a baby in my belly. The she says,

"yeah,you can tell because your not all crabby and stuff....oh and you dont have a fat belly"

Funniest line all week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Contemplating expanding

For a while I have been contemplating opening another blog (I know, I rarely write here, what am I thinking, get used to it, its me!) Anyway the idea would be a bunch of posts only about love in marriage. Now I dont think I am qualified for doing this, however I would ask people to send me ideas, quotes, anything they would like to share. Tips, secrets, things you wish you would have known, etc. However I would really need to be dedicated to it, and I would have to get help from others to send...........hmmmmm any comments??

Maybe I am just crazy, some posts on my favorite womans forum brought it up for me again. Ideas! Comments wanted!