Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Missing in Action

Yeah its been a long time. This past year has been crazy, we have moved and had the oldest start school along about a million other things happening--but I havent forgotten you oh my lovely but short lived blog, or you my very few but dear blog readers, I will be back God willing!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Sometimes Muslims like to get around and complain about how they are made out to be the bad guys, and how the media portrays them so bad.....heck one of my last posts was about the same thing, however sometimes I am so ashamed to hear the acts of other Muslims. I am not so ashamed at the fact that someone claiming to be Muslim does these things, because there are people from every religion that are idiots....however when someone USES the religion to claim somehow excuse there pathetic act-that is when I am ashamed. Recently there was a young girl in Yemen that died three days after her wedding, because she was so violently raped repeatedly by her husband.

A link to a news article here:


To sum up what is there, a 23 year old man trades his sister for his friends 13 year old sister in marriage...to save money. The sisters where not asked their opinions nor had a say in the matter.

--there is the first thing that is against Islam, every woman has a RIGHT to marry or refuse marriage, as well as the right to a certain gift or amount of money that she chooses. I dont have a problem with a 13 year old marrying a 23 year old....as long as they are both consenting. We have 13 year olds having babies therefore I do consider that an age that is "marriageable" --IF THEY WANT!

After the marriage he tried to consummate the marriage but he couldnt. It doesnt say exactly why except that she refused his advances. So the man took his "bride" to the hospital to ask for tranquilizers so he could "prove his manhood"---yeah a man that has to drug a woman to sleep with her is NOT a man. It also says that her mother also visited and tried to coax her into letting him.

--I dont think I even need to talk about how this is against Islam, but I will. There is no time limit to when the marriage needs to be consummated, its normal in many Muslim countries for people to be married for years while the woman stays with her parents and they dont consummate it. It has to be consensual!!!!!!! NO WOMAN IS TO BE FORCED--EVEN BY HER HUSBAND...which actually he wasnt because she didnt want him in the first place, so legally he wasnt her husband to begin with. I dont even know where to begin talking about how sick a person has to be to drug someone to be able to sleep with them. I mean, if you want a woman to love you. It would be easier to spend a few weeks being gentle and kind and making her love you that she would willingly sleep with you than rush her to the dr. to drug her up. Also, why would the mother even know, these things are supposed to be PRIVATE, men and woman are not supposed to discuss these matters with others unless there is a problem---this wasnt a problem just a lack of feeling and compassion from a sick sick man.

So, he was refused the medicine. Thank God for that, however why was this not reported?? There can not be many people in the world who would find this behavior normal? So instead the man does the next best thing.....he buys performance enhancing drugs (why, would you do that when you cant even sleep with her without them???), goes home, ties her up and rapes her screaming. The next day she cant even walk and he carries her to the hospital, the doctors said she was ripped and he has to let her heal for 10 days. Now AGAIN, she is sent home with this sicko. Her mom visited her and found her in and out of consciousness and whispered to her mother what happened. The mother confronted the husband and he told her that the girl was "possessed" and he was going to take her to a healer later. She was dead a few hours later. Autopsy reports give evidence that she was raped further after the doctor gave the 10 day judgement.

--Even as parents you would let your daughter be married against her will, with non of the rights she should have been given, to find her in a state like that, HOW HOW HOW could you even go home?? How could you even let her out of your site?? Thankfully the man is now "in police custody" but who knows what will happen.

This kind of thing could happen almost anywhere, rapes and forced marriages, sex slavery, etc. is a world wide problem. However, the thing that baffles me is if this happened in another country, Germany for example....the police would have been notified as soon as the girl was in the hopsital, or as soon as someone found out that she was forced into marriage. Islam has liberated woman sooo much that I am FURIOUS to see that people would allow this to happen. Woman have so many rights in Islam that I am shocked and ashamed to hear that something like this could happen by people who call themselves Muslim. AND THEN they have the AUDACITY to say that its ok because Muhmmmad (Peace and blessings be upon him) married and 8 year old so that makes it ok!!!!--If that is what they see when reading about the marriage of Muhammed and Aisha then they have turned a beautiful love story, a marriage that was full of love and respect into nothing more than the story we have read today. Making Muhammad equal to this man---IF a person says something like that, than I feel they have maybe left the bonds of Islam.

InshaAllah my next two posts will be womans rights in Islam and then the story of Muhammad(peace be upon him) and Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) to those of my readers who dont know.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My personal pregnancy test....

Sooooo.....A few days ago I was cuddling up with Rihem and telling her she is my baby (which she replies to: "AMANI BABY!!!" --the neighbor girl) anyway I was like, "but YOUR the baby of our family." I asked her if she would like it if mamma had another baby and she was all shaking her head yes and loving the idea of having a baby. I said that I want to wait a little while though but maybe after Rania is in school. Then Rania comes in saying, "noooo, I want that you have a baby now, when I am in school I cant play with it anyway". I told her even if I had a baby in my belly it wouldnt be here until she was in school anyway because it takes about 9 months for the baby to grow and then she would already be in school....and as far as I knew I dont have a baby in my belly. The she says,

"yeah,you can tell because your not all crabby and stuff....oh and you dont have a fat belly"

Funniest line all week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Contemplating expanding

For a while I have been contemplating opening another blog (I know, I rarely write here, what am I thinking, get used to it, its me!) Anyway the idea would be a bunch of posts only about love in marriage. Now I dont think I am qualified for doing this, however I would ask people to send me ideas, quotes, anything they would like to share. Tips, secrets, things you wish you would have known, etc. However I would really need to be dedicated to it, and I would have to get help from others to send...........hmmmmm any comments??

Maybe I am just crazy, some posts on my favorite womans forum brought it up for me again. Ideas! Comments wanted!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aww money cant buy love or...........

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I thought it would be a great day to start teaching my son how to ride bike. I shared my plans with the 3 and my oldest told my son, "you need to have balance to ride a bike" so he goes *all excited* "Balance! Yeah! Thats what I need balance.....Mom can we buy some balance today?"

Awwwww made my day! SOOOOO adorable!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Planet of the Arabs

WHY is it so easy to have bad opinions of Arabs? WHY does everyone get nervous when they hear that I am married to one? Why was there and is there no big fights about starting a war or the deaths of many Arab Muslims? Well, its been programmed in us since we were little. I remember being in elementary and someone was coming to talk to us, you know, I dont even remember WHAT the talk was about all I remember is them saying something along the lines of "in some African\Arab places they dont use toilet paper, instead they wipe with their left hand and eat with their right". When I first came in contact with Muslims and learned of their habits....yes what the man said was true, what he forgot to mention is that they wash with water, after every time they go to the toilet (#1 or 2) Muslims wash themselves with water and usually they do wipe, but its to dry not to clean as they already are. Hand washing follows of course! Who can forget "Not without my Daughter?" Still dont believe me?

Watch this:

*note, this is an extremely violent video, (viewer discretion is advised :) )*

Oh, and if anyone is interested there is a very interesting documentary called "Without my daughter" which is the father\husband of this story telling his side, which comes off as much more realistic (in my humble opinion)

Coming soon to a blog near you....

Everytime I find myself with time to write something, I forget what it is I want to write. Last night I made a big list full of some topics, so inshaAllah soon you should see some action!