Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Planet of the Arabs

WHY is it so easy to have bad opinions of Arabs? WHY does everyone get nervous when they hear that I am married to one? Why was there and is there no big fights about starting a war or the deaths of many Arab Muslims? Well, its been programmed in us since we were little. I remember being in elementary and someone was coming to talk to us, you know, I dont even remember WHAT the talk was about all I remember is them saying something along the lines of "in some African\Arab places they dont use toilet paper, instead they wipe with their left hand and eat with their right". When I first came in contact with Muslims and learned of their habits....yes what the man said was true, what he forgot to mention is that they wash with water, after every time they go to the toilet (#1 or 2) Muslims wash themselves with water and usually they do wipe, but its to dry not to clean as they already are. Hand washing follows of course! Who can forget "Not without my Daughter?" Still dont believe me?

Watch this:

*note, this is an extremely violent video, (viewer discretion is advised :) )*

Oh, and if anyone is interested there is a very interesting documentary called "Without my daughter" which is the father\husband of this story telling his side, which comes off as much more realistic (in my humble opinion)


  1. Great entry. Subhana'Allah. You know, when I was a teen, we were told that they wear the 7 day shiters and they go to the bathroom in them. OMIGOSH! how horrible people are. Ignorant!!! very. Now, I think back and I just have to roll my eye balls.. subhana'Allah. Good entry! keep them coming. (((hugs)))

  2. Funny, because Arabs/Africans particularly those that are Muslim are in generalclean people. I'm not sure where either of you went to school but this is not normal. Thank god i wont be sending my kids to the American school system ever.