Sunday, February 7, 2010


So....I have not forgotten you my blog and blog readers (not that you were soo worried). I just dont have very much time lately.....or anytime actually. Anyway, the last week the kids and I have all been a little sick, today I decided that the kids and I would watch a movie. First of all, we dont have a tv and the kids only watch then things when I play for them something on the computer, usually this is Calliou or Clifford or Islamic kids cartoons (Adams world, etc). Anyway we watched Homeward Bound, a movie I watched many times with my sister and brother also. This is a movie about 2 dogs and a cat who go through an adventure through the wilderness to try to get home, the scariest scene is maybe a cat that goes down a waterfall or a dog that gets hit in the nose. However, my kids are not at all used to tv, Rania broke out in tears about 3 times and I had to calm her down and promise her that they will be ok and make it home, she was really upset and worried about it. I really realized how tv desensitizes kids. I am so glad we dont have a tv. I have to laugh because actually I am also pretty sensitive to tv now. If I watch something really with a strong story, I will dream about it for long time and carry the story in my head also.

Anyway that was maybe random, oh well, its MY blog! HAHA!


  1. I didn't think about it like that.. I appreciate your insight big sis :)

    <3 Danita :)

  2. Sometimes I hate watching over dramatic or sad stuff on TV cuz I know that the idea will stick to my mind and force me into being sad for along time !!!