Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I lost my heart........ Heidelberg. Ahhh Heidelberg, how I miss you! The place where it all happened. My first place living overseas, met my husband, became Muslim. Ahhhh Heidelberg you will always have a special place in my heart. Anyway, there is a classic old song talking about the Romantic city Heidelberg here is a translation of the lyrics:

It was a summer evening,
Just twenty I had seen,
When I kissed ruby lips and
Hair of golden sheen.
The night was blue and blissful,
The Neckar flowed pristine,
It was then I knew, it was then I knew,
What all to me did mean..
I lost my heart in Heidelberg for all time,
On a balmy summer night.
In love head over heels, oh were she all mine,
And like a rose, her laughing mouth my light.
As by the gates she said: "Good-bye my lover,"
That last sweet kiss, it did confirm once more,
I'd lost my heart in Heidelberg forever.
My heart still beats on Neckar's shore.
And once again the vines bloom,
As then, on Neckar's shore,
The years have passed so slowly,
And I'm alone once more.
And if you ask this fellow,
Why he took none to wed,
Then I will tell, then I will tell,
My Friends, what to this led:
I lost my heart . . . .
Whatever happened to you,
Since you and I did part,
Oh Heidelberg of legend,
Oh city of my heart?
I went away and left you,
Left luck and happy days.
I long to be, I long to be,
Back in your arms always
I lost my heart . . . .

Oh, and just for your information, the Neckar is the river that runs through the city. You have to watch this video to see the beauty of this city, if you want to hear the song turn on your speakers, if you dont turn them off(HA!)

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  1. Salam Alikom

    Germany is a beautiful country. I love the landscape. masha'a'Allah. Nice post sis... Masha'a'Allah.. Welcome! I guess we're in this together? LOL Can't wait to read more. <3 love you.