Thursday, January 14, 2010

Songs of love

I sing to my kids all the time. Since we dont listen to music (except for some religious things without instruments) anymore, I would say my voice is probably the biggest source of music they get. However it makes me remember my mom. I cant imagine my kids will remember my voice the way I remember my mom's. I dont seem to ever remember hearing her sing bad our out of tune. I also dont know if she ever knew how much I loved listening to her. (Hey, MOM, I loved listening to you sing, thanks for doing it!) Sometimes I am too worried about getting everything done that I forget doing the things that matter most, like playing around and singing with my kids. I spend so much time making sure they are learning all different things and teaching them, but I wonder if I am teaching them to laugh and have fun, to love enough. So today, in memory and dedication to mom, I will make sure to have some fun today just loving them.


  1. Sometimes as mom's we get carried away in "OUR" life, don't realize that kids just need simple little things to make them happy. MOM! your doing a awesome job! keep it up! love you!! and great post!

  2. Awww, I too loved listening to my mother sing. She was the only woman I knew who could pull the voice of Tanya Tucker perfect.