Saturday, January 16, 2010

One mans garbage....

is another mans:

c)next meal
d)all of the above

So, once a year in Germany (at least where I live) there is a day called "Sperrmüll" (müll is garbage) and its like any rest of garbage that doesnt fit in your garbage can or go into the other days (there is another day for electronics, and another for wood, once a month old papers, etc). Sooo its next Mon. and the race is already on. I see my neighbors put there things out already and I have already seen 2 people thoroughly digging through it for their next.....? On Sun. and Mon. I am sure I will see the normal barrage of huge vans with blacked out window from Poland roaming the streets looking for things to bring back to Poland and sell, or at the next flea market. Now, I am not saying I have never taken anything I have found on the street (sometimes there are some really cool things, like last year I found a scooter totally new but needed a new tire), however I wonder when you stop feeling ashamed doing it? I mean, the people are laying out their garbage and their are other people just standing like vultures around it ready to dig in through the bags. Now, I dont mean these are like street people, they just live in the house next to ours, but I believe they just are looking for some more ways to raise money (flea markets). I dont know, there is nothing wrong with it, but I am ashamed to watch it. I am ashamed to be a part of it, and I dont know if I find it more shameful to be on the side throwing out or the side taking in?

Another side effect of our engineered way of living:

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