Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A waste

Uggg! This morning I had to go shopping, I brought the kids and the neighbor boy to kindergarten and left Rihem with the neighbor (the boys mommy). I walked the 15 minutes with them there then walked the 40 minutes to the library and waited for it to open (10 mins) then got some new books and went to go shopping. After spending like an hour shopping I got to the check-out and wanted to pay with my card. Dhia gave me the card before he left for Uni. and I thought it was the one he always gave me. Anyway, it wasnt, I entered the pin twice wrong and then called him, entered the pin, and had it blocked because it was entered too many times I walked the whole way home with no groceries and my whole morning gone. Bummer. Not only that now Dhia will probably have to pay a fee for having it blocked and I have to go again tommorrow. Double ugg!

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